You Are the Creator

The essence of who we are is love but our purpose is to expand and to create for we are the Creator. Life is to experience who we are. We stumble and fall when we forget who we are. When we become disconnected and think we are separate from the oneness. Children live with their eyes wide open; everything is new and wonderful. As adults, the secret is to see everything as if for the first time. The joy is in the discovery. We “let go and let God,” when we surrender our stories, our labels, our separateness. We surrender to the moment and to the spark of creation that is us.


Copyright © Judi Miller 2020

Everything is Perfect

My story is a rebirth of sorts; a reawakening. I moved from living a happy, but relatively common life, into an extraordinary life based upon acceptance and understanding through the awakening of my spiritual gifts. It’s how I’ve come to understand the perfection of the universe.

I know that I’m being guided by something bigger and greater than myself. I know that I was born perfect, just like everyone else. And, we all remain perfect despite, or perhaps because of, our flaws and mistakes.

We also live in a loving and supportive universe and we can truly never get it wrong. A field of infinite possibility opens to us once we realize that all of our angels and guides are with us, loving us, and supporting us.

What if everything is divinely orchestrated and perfect? 

Would you live your life differently?

How would you dare to live greatly?

What bold steps are you ready to take to claim the life you deserve?

Don’t let the fears and worries that live in your heart darken the light and the love that you are. You are beautiful, you are divine, and you are all the possibilities that the universe has to offer.


Copyright © Judi Miller 2019