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"Judi’s perspective on life is that everything is happening exactly as it should be and that each experience we have is a lesson and opportunity to grow in joy and authentic expression. As she often says, “Everything is unfolding perfectly—we can truly never get it wrong.” What a wonderful way to interpret and experience life."
Marci Shimoff
Marci Shimoff
#1 New York Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason and
Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul
"Now more than ever is the time for us to awaken to the truth of who we are and what we are actually capable of creating with our lives here on earth. Judi shows us skillfully that our life experience is a projected illusion and that we can actually shape shift our reality with the tools of forgiveness and self-liberation."
Dr. Sue Morter
Dr. Sue Morter
Founder of Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics and
#1 Los Angeles Times best-selling author of The Energy Codes


Judi Miller

For over 25 years, Judi has worked for some of the largest companies in the world helping others to succeed in a constantly changing environment. She knows what it feels like to be in the never-ending rat race to prove yourself. If you are feeling stuck, unfilled and unhappy, there is another way.

Judi is a certified coach, trainer and facilitator. She specializes in working with women who want to live their best life and experience greater joy, love and happiness in their work and in their lives.

Judi Miller is a best-selling and award-winning author, radio show host, and transformational coach. Her heart-centered and grounded approach helps others to experience true happiness and awaken to their inner greatness.

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Create a Life You Love



#1 Best Seller & Multiple Award Winner


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Perfect by Judi Miller

Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness & Transformation

#1 Best Seller & Winner of Over 12 Literary Awards

“Her story of harnessing her own fears may embolden others to live more bravely, and embrace love, fun, and joy. An insightful spiritual self-help book.”
Kirkus Reviews