Don’t spend another minute feeling stuck and unfulfilled

I know what it feels like to think there should be more to life

Judi Miller

As a certified coach, facilitator and trainer, I help women rediscover their purpose and passion.

My book, Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness and Transformation, is a #1 best seller and multiple award winner and has helped countless people around the world.

For over 25 years, I’ve worked for some of the largest companies in the world, helping others excel in a constantly changing environment.

“Judi provided me with tools and techniques that I could implement immediately. These tools have had a positive and measurable impact on all aspects of my life – physically, mentally and spiritually. I can take charge of my future and I’m excited for what will unfold. Thank you Judi for this amazing work and for your skillful and joyous approach.”
– Clarissa, New Jersey

Your Path to Purpose, Passion and Joy


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“I just finished six sessions with Judi and I am so glad that I did! It has been such a rewarding experience. When I started there was so much struggle going on in my life, both personally and professionally, and I just couldn’t see how I could move through it. I had so many issues to clean up and let go of. Through Judi’s gentle and loving guidance, I have experienced a huge shift in my heart. I am happy to say that it is wide open again. I can feel all the love and gratitude that is available to me. I am ready to take on the world again. Judi has a way of making me feel safe so I can be vulnerable and honest. I am sure that’s why I have experienced such huge breakthroughs with her. She shares her amazing work with others and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who might feel drawn towards her.”

– Kim, Norway

“Judi is a heart-centered, patient and trusted coach. She helped me gain greater clarity regarding my life’s goals and priorities and showed me how to direct my energy and attention in ways that support me. She seamlessly helped me to rediscover the greatness that already lives within me and to step forward with greater confidence and faith. I highly recommend her.”

– Anne, Florida

“Thanks to my coaching sessions with Judi, I am well on my way towards living a much more integrated and passionate life. I do not state this lightly. Before working with Judi, I had suffered multiple injuries and was feeling a victim of circumstances. I had exchanged my gifts and talents for a belief in my handicaps. In an unconditional way, Judi gently guided my attention back towards these gifts which I had not embraced for a long time. I truly feel I am on track with my life again. Thank you Judi for your incredible work.”

– Maddie, California

“Judi Miller is a compassionate and sensitive coach. She helped me explore and experience deeper versions of myself. Our time together was a springboard into a greater awareness of my true and eternal Soulful Self and the power of I AM. Thank you Judi for helping me tap into that higher version of myself!”

– Louise, Arizona

“Judi is an amazing coach! My overall sense of peace and well-being has improved significantly in our time together. By focusing on the sensations in my body, I was able to loosen the negative thoughts that kept looping in my mind. I am no longer gripped by fear and feel more optimistic about the future. I am equipped with the tools to take on life with confidence. Thank you Judi for this healing work.”