We Are the Creator!

We are made in the image and likeness of the Creator. Consequently, our purpose is to expand and to create because we are the creator of our life experiences.

As energetic beings, we are made of the same creative life force of the universe. Our job is to create and to expand. We see this creative expansion all around us.

We are also the creator of our lives through our choices and where we put our conscious attention. We choose how we react in every moment. We choose whether we come from a place of love or from a place of fear, hatred or lack. We create the stories and judgements that then mirrors the experiences we will have. Are we consciously creating the energetic frequency of how we want to experience life?

When we judge or condemn others, it also separates us from the creative life force that lives within us all – and it separates us from the Creator. What if we also continue to have similar experiences (or lifetimes) until we learn to choose love? When we choose love, we grow and expand in the awareness that we are love.

Where can we love more? On a daily basis, identify one difficult situation or person in your life – and choose to come from a place of love. If everything in life is here to serve us, how is this situation helping you to learn and to grow? It is often in the contrasts of life that we gain clarity for what we want and don’t want? In the absence, there is also often the appreciation.

The essence of who we are is love and by choosing love, we expand in that awareness. Choose to create more love in your life.

Copyright © Judi Miller 2021