Contrast Creates the Clarity

What if life were a project? A project designed by us to learn the lessons and experiences we wanted. When we embrace life as a project – we don’t take life so personally.

If we can step up and step-out of our protective personality, can we see how the events of our lives are actually serving us. Can we look at it from all angles? Is there a different angel or perspective we could take that would allow us to see how the event is actually in support of our highest and greatest good?

Often, we create stories about the events of our lives. The most dangerous part of an event is not the event but often the story we created about the event.

It is often difficult to see how traumatic events are actually serving us. However, it is in the contrasts of life that we gain clarity on what it is we want and don’t want and in that clarity we create.

We cannot experience our perfection without the opposite. We came here to experience everything – the good and the bad; the light and the dark; and the ups and the downs. In our most difficult moments, we often gain clarity on what we do not want. The contrast creates the clarity and from that clarity we create the laws to protect us, the inventions to make our lives easier or the life that we desire.

What if the contrast creates the clarity that serves as the catalyst for the expansion or change that we desire?

Copyright © Judi Miller 2021