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The Power to Choose

You are more powerful than you can imagine because you have the power to choose. In every moment, you decide. It is in these momentary decisions that you create your life.

You decide what you focus your attention on. What you focus on will grow. So why not focus on the things that you desire and bring you joy. You have the power to decide.

In that space between stimulus and response, you decide how you want to respond. You get to choose your reaction. You get to choose which story you create. And you get to decide if you don’t create a story at all. You have the power to decide.

In every moment, you can choose love or you can choose fear. When you choose fear, you are living in the past, hoping to change what has already been. When you choose fear, you are focusing on what you don’t want in the future. So why not focus on the present and appreciate the moment. You have the power to decide.

At any time, you can let go of the stories that no longer serve you. You have the power to decide.

You are more powerful than you image because you have the power to choose how your life will unfold.

What if you could change your life through the power of choice, what would you choose?


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Letting Go of Fear

I was sitting at the kitchen table lost in thought when a gentle whisper or silent knowing entered my consciousness. The message was simple and unmistakable – “You no longer have to be afraid.”

At first, I thought it was a strange message. What was I still afraid of? Like many people, I had fears as a child. As a child, the night often terrified me because I could sense and feel energy all around me and I never knew if it was there to help or harm me. But over the past several years, I’ve conquered many of my fears, including the fear of the dark.

I sat there thinking about the message and what it meant. As I reflected on my life, I suddenly realized that much of my life was lived from a state of fear. This state of fear has been contracting and stifling me my entire life. These fears were not limited to just my childhood fears; they permeated every aspect of my life.

I was afraid of being different.

I was afraid that I was not enough.

I was afraid of speaking up.

The list can go on and on.

Even though I have come to realize that we are never alone (always surrounded by our guides and ancestors) and that we can never get it wrong, I failed to see the message in all of this. The gentle whisper of my higher knowing was inviting me to drop the fear. I no longer had to live afraid – afraid of life.

I believe all emotions fall into two categories – fear and love. If I let go of my fears, who would I be? As I contemplated this, a lifetime of stories began to melt away; the stories that I was not worthy, that I was not enough. I realized that in the absence of fear, only love remained. I can now step forth into the world as I truly am, no longer afraid.

What if your fears were holding you back, what fears could you start letting go of?


Copyright © Judi Miller 2020