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We Get to Decide!

Events in life are just events—how we label and judge them determines our experience. Life is truly meant to be experienced in our bodies as feelings without labels, rather than through the stories created in the mind.

A friend recently shared the following story about the former singing duo Carly Simon and James Taylor. I think it summarizes it perfectly!

“Carly Simon described her terrible stage fright with the following: Right before I get on stage, I get so TERRIFIED! My hands sweat, my heart pounds and my stomach churns. It’s all I can do to get up there.

Her husband at the time James Taylor described a totally different experience: Right before I get on stage, I am so EXCITED!! My hands sweat, my heart pounds and my stomach churns.”

Our bodies don’t know the difference between terrified and excited. We experience the same physical manifestation. It is the meaning we give to our physical symptoms that drives our stories and ultimately our lives. We get to decide!


Listen to Your Heart

We have over 60,000 thoughts a day. It is often difficult to distinguish that small inner voice and the subtle whispers from the Universe from our endless mind chatter. And we are often torn between which voice to listen to. The highest vibrations are light and love. Consequently, everything from the light will be of a loving and supportive nature. Everything that is not of the light will often sound judgmental, pushy, and not very loving.

The essence of who we are is love. Consequently, I will often place my hand on my heart to help me connect in with that divine, higher version of myself. I then ask what is the most loving thing that I can do. This simple step often helps me distinguish what is for the highest and greatest good.

Listen to your heart.

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