You Are Loved

We’ve all been judged for something outside of our control – for the way we look, how we dress, where we live – the list can go on and on. This judgement from others can slowly eat away at us and we can begin to question who we are. Are we worthy, are we loveable, are we enough? We all carry different burdens but we all long deeply for the same thing – to be unconditionally loved and accepted for who we are.

Having children has allowed me to experience that feeling of unconditional love. But it is only a fraction of the love that the universe has for us all. I have been blessed to have experienced this universal love twice. It is an overwhelming feeling that cannot be contained in our human bodies. It is so intense that it seems to almost overflow. Often when I receive downloads from the universe, I am brought to tears, not tears of sadness but because this love touches me so deeply and profoundly.

We are already unconditionally loved and accepted by the Creator. We often look desperately outside of ourselves for love and for the void of loneliness to be filled. But the loneliness and emptiness we feel is when we become disconnected from the Creator and the essence of who we truly are – which is love itself. It is the longing to be reconnected and reunited. The secret is letting go of what separates us from our true eternal self. It is not a void that is filled by surrounding ourselves with people or seeking the acceptance of others. People cannot complete us. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is self-love.

What if you were unconditionally loved and accepted?

What if you were love itself?


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