The World is a Reflection

The world is a reflection of all that we hold within ourselves. Our fears and doubts are manifested into reality in the people and circumstances of our lives. The opposite is also true. When we feel love and appreciation, we are showered with abundance and support from the universe. This is especially true in relationships.

For example, my relationship with my husband allows me to come face to face with all that I hold and carry in myself – the fears, the doubt, the insecurities and the struggles. He is the physical manifestation of all that I am and all that I have to learn and become. I have a choice in every moment to choose love or choose resistance. In this and all other relationships, the imperfections we see in others are a reflection of the burdens we carry within ourselves. When my husband and I are in complete alignment, our love and intentions are magnified. I know that when I change, my relationships will change. My husband is the embodiment of all that I am in this moment.

Focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want because the world is as we are.

What if the world is only a reflection of all that we hold within?

What do you love and appreciate about yourself? (Remember you are one of the greatest miracles in the universe!)

What can you begin to let go of?


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