Free Yourself Through Forgiveness

Because we have free will, sometimes we choose situations and decisions that are not in true alignment with who we are, which is love. All these individual decisions create the conflict and the darkness we may see in the world. When we forgive, we are not condoning the actions that might have hurt us. Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves. It allows us to release negative, contracted energy that we are holding in our bodies and allows us to move forward. It also allows us to move beyond the stories we may have created.

What stories have you created around an event? For example, are you blaming yourself for not doing more? Do you find yourself putting yourself in victim mode and asking why bad things are always happening to you? Are you angry with a loved one because you feel they treated you disrespectfully? Are you holding resentment towards your boss because they do not recognize the long, hard hours you are working?

Often, we forget to step back and see our lives from a grander, larger perspective. If we looked at our lives from the 1,000-foot view, what would we see? How would all these events weave together to tell a much larger, richer story?


  • WHAT IF the event that has caused so much hurt is actually here to serve you? What positive lesson could you have learnt from it if you were willing to get go of your anger, frustration, pain or sadness?
  • If you could see it from the other person’s perspective, what might that look like?
  • Is there anything you can appreciate about the event, the other person involved, or yourself?
  • What if your child or best friend was the perpetrator? What compassion and understanding would you show them? Can you show the same compassion to yourself or to others?
  • When would you be willing to let go and forgive? Before you die? In 10 years? In 5 years? Why are you waiting?


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