Feel the Emotion

To understand the perfection of the universe, we have to be grounded in our human experience. Part of that grounding means we have to fully feel our emotions. This requires us to get out of our heads and into our bodies to access the heart. We’re often trained to think about our emotions. But when we think about them, we don’t truly embody or experience them. It is only through our bodies that emotions can be fully processed and released.

In the past, I often denied my feelings by building a wall around my heart. I am now learning to let them flow because they are neither good nor bad. Rather than denying them, I allow them to pass through me or wash over me without judging or labeling them. As human beings, we are meant to feel, for it is in the emotions of life that we truly live.

Today, there are so many things that block out and drown out our feelings. We often think it is the best way to cope. But by ignoring our feelings, we are in effect burying the event and the emotion deep within ourselves. If we refuse to feel it, the emotion is never allowed to escape and can manifest as sickness and pain. We need to allow life to flow by simply acknowledging our feelings without judgment.

The analogy that comes to mind is an artery or vein. Plaque can build up on the wall and constrict the flow of blood. The stories we create stick to us like plaque, constricting and preventing our ability to feel the love and the light of the creator.

What if you simply accepted what you were feeling without judgement? 

What stories could you prevent or release?

How could your life be different?


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